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Sometimes we call it softrock.


Heute möchte ich euch gerne Astrid und Lauritz von Some Speak of The Future (SSOTF) aus Kopenhagen vorstellen. Wer uns schon länger folgt und ein Elefanten-Gedächtnis hat, wird eventuell wissen, dass ich euch das Duo Ende letzten Jahres in „Musik, die mit muss“ (Ausgabe 22) vorgestellt habe. Und ich habe versprochen, dass ich euch über die zwei auf dem Laufenden halten werde. Nun ja, leider gibt es hierzulande bisher keine konkreten Konzerttermine, dafür aber eine neue Single: „Set It Up“ heißt das gute Stück. Ganz so neu ist sie nicht mehr, aber immer noch wert, hier vorgestellt zu werden.

Nachdem sie ihre Debüt-EP „The Low Tide“ veröffentlichten, wurden die beiden auf einigen dänischen und deutschen Blogs gefeatured. Im Radio sollen sie auch schon zu hören gewesen sein (Bonn FM, Substance FM, BitExpress) – ich bin gespannt, wann der Track bei FluxFM läuft! „Set It Up“ wurde im Übrigen von Peter Henderson (Supertramp, Paul McCartney, Kate Bush, Frank Zappa) und Produzent Mads Kamstrup gemixt.

Ich steh auf den melancholisch angehauchten Country-Folk-Sound und freue mich jetzt schon darauf, das Duo einmal live erleben zu dürfen. Ich hoffe, sie halten uns up to date, so dass wir es an euch weitergeben können.

Mir haben Astrid und Lauritz schriftlich ein paar Fragen beantwortet und erzählen euch auch ein bisschen über den Song. Hört aber erst einmal rein.

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Im Interview: Lauritz und Astrid von Some Speak of The Future


One very personal question: are you a couple?
We have never been a couple, but we have been very close friends for more than 10 years now. So we know each other quite well after spending much time together working on music and hanging out on the side. We met on a 6 month course at a music school, and our first musical encounter was playing “The Look” by Roxette.

Your music sounds very melancholic. How come that?
We are scandinavian and the folkmusic and church music that you grow up with in Denmark has a certain melancholy to it. Then the long dark winters too…it all adds up, and much of the music we listen to is also a bit minor-ish and melancholic.

How would you describe your sound?
Sometimes we call it softrock. It’s both melancholic and energetic. We used to be more into the singer-songwriter style with more quiet feel, but our producer Mads Kamstrup turned us into a more outgoing and a bit more rock-orientated vibe.

Can you make a living out of your music?
Not yet unfortunately, but we are working hard to make it happen.

You just released a new single named „Set It Up“ – could you please tell us a bit about the song? What is it about? How long took it until you thought: „Well, that´s it!“?
The song is about the disappointment and powerlessness that follows from being left by someone you thought you were going to be with. It’s not only the feeling of apathy, but also a feeling of moving forward. We think this duality is supported by the driving groove of the song and the minor harmonics of the choruses. We worked on the song for quite a while and it has many overdubs and layers if you pay special attention. Listen for example to the male-choir going through a leslie rotary speaker and some crazy delay effect in the chorus.


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I am wondering if the sound of the orchestra on this record is real?!
The sound of the orchestra is played with a Mellotron (not a real one, but a keyboard sample). It is an instrument that was originally invented to save money on hiring string ensembles and it was originally a mechanical organ that had strip of tape running with recorded samples of a real orchestra. Used a lot by The Beatles and for example as the cellosound on Oasis “Wonderwall”.

Until now you released some Singles and an EP called „The Low Tide“. What about an album? Are you working on it?
We have been working on EP’s so far and have one coming out this fall. And then another one afterwards – maybe next spring. It’s sort of a trilogy. So no album yet…the EP’s we are doing at the moment have a very similar vibe, so we have talked about maybe doing a “vinyl album” with all the songs on. But no specific plans yet.

You are based in Copenhagen. What would you say about the music scene there? You work together with other artists? Would you say there is a good cohesion of musicians?
There are a lot of bands in Copenhagen at the moment, so the music scene is quite vibrant with tons of festivals and live concerts. We work with other musicians and we got a lot of help with bass, drums and keys on the recordings. The drums are played by Bjarne T. Holm former heavymetal drummer in legendary danish Merciful Fate. We are also working on a little 3-band tour in Denmark this fall, with two other danish acts: While i Wonder and Oliver Dengsø.

Lauritz: Right now it is very popular to have band-collectives, and we are trying to build an environment around our studio, where other bands can come to record and some can get released via the label Møs Møs, which is owned by myself and David Tholander (also labelmanager @ Tigerspring). Sort of music production and label mixed together.

What are your next plans? Are there any concerts you will play in Germany?
We might try too come to Hamburg and Berlin later this year. We used to live in Berlin some years ago, so it would be great to come back and do some shows.

Do you get live-support? Or is it just you two on stage? If so, please let us know which instruments you play.
Right now we are mainly playing live as a duo, but we are working on expanding the set-up to a full group. Lauritz is playing acoustic and electric guitar live and Astrid is playing some keys. We both sing, which is a big part of our sound. So the essence of the songs can be achieved even in a stripped down set-up.

What bands from Copenhagen should we have a listen to?
Check out the tall soul-viking Mattis. Very cool deep voice!

Anything to tell the world?
Be critical to the music you are presented to on the mainstream platforms and demand some depth and heart! We like all kinds of music also hiphop and mainstream pop, but there is just so much terrible assembly-line music being force-fed to the broad audiences. Expect something of the stuff that goes into your ears and go hunt for new exciting music.

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